Global Pitch Shifter

I sold my Digitech Drop pedal before getting my QC, telling myself that the feature is included so I won’t be needing it. The thing is, it’s kind of a pain to put a Pitch Shifter block and set it to the correct “tuning” in every single preset that I might feel like using during a jam session.

I’d like to have a global Pitch Shifter setting that I could set beforehand, that would be active on every preset until turned off. Kind of like having an external Drop pedal between your guitar and the QC input. That would allow us to simulate a different tuning more easily.

Great idea. I’ve been hoping this comes to the Axe Fx as well. I ended up just getting a Variax.

The problem with having a global pitch-shifter, I suspect, is that it would eat up a bit of DPS. How do you decide which path that DSP gets used from? How would you redesign the UI to indicate that a global pitch shifter is active?

It would be neat if it were possible, and then you could have it on/off on a per-preset basis, or assign it to a footswitch.

Lastly, you could build your presets like I used to: I used to put a pitch block as the very first block following the input, set to 1/2 step down, and then I could toggle it on or off as/if needed.