Strange Behavior from Pitch Shifter

I was working on a patch recently for some Steve Van-type stuff and I was using the Freemen Crunch amp model. I’ve getting a weird difference in behavior from the pitch shifter, which I’ve got set up to add an upper 5th. If I put it in front of the amp it almost sounds like its adding a lower note. If I put it after the amp it works as expected.

Here’s a direct link to the point in the video where I demo the issue:

Anyone have any thoughts on why this might be happening?

The tone of the ‘Pitch Shifter’ block definitely changes significantly depending on where it is in the signal chain. No surprise there.

The ‘Mix’ parameter at anything less than 100% is mixing in your unshifted signal along with the shifted signal. In your video it is set to 27.5%. The reason it may appear to be shifting down in the before the amp position, is probably due to the position of the ‘Mix’ parameter and consequently how much of the direct versus the pitch shifted tone is being emphasized, as well as which frequencies are being emphasized, when switching the pitch shifter from before or after the amp and cab blocks.

If you turn the ‘Mix’ up to 100% you will still hear that substantial tone shift when you place the pitch shifter in different positions on your path, but that illusion of it shifting the pitch down will disappear.

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