Archetype Plini - Different output than the Input

I’ve been using Plini Archetype for quite a while (got the 2nd version) and something has bugged me that I couldn’t solve.
I’m using a “Line 6 GX” sound card to connect my guitar to my computer, and so far I had to also get the output signal from the GX too.
I’ve been wanting to use wireless headphones that can’t connect to the GX (because it has an aux cable option only).

I can’t find anywhere through the Plini archetype settings an option to get the sound output from a different audio source in the computer. Would appreciate to know if its not supported, or if someone can guide me to it :slight_smile:

Thanks Alot,

Hi @yuvalasaf3. The only way to do it is by connecting the headphones to any output of your audio interface (or a headphone amp connected to the output of the interface). If you don’t have a TRS output, you could try an adapter.