Archetype: Nolly Presets Thread

Hey brothers, looking to get some periphery tones, from P1 all the way to P4, send me what you got :smiley:

Can you please renew the links? Thanks

Looking for presets for pop-punk (Green Day, The Story So Far) if anyone has anything in that lane, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Preset with an acoustic vibe. I’m using it with middle or neck pickup on my Strat.

Acoustic Strumming -

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Thank you, I’ll try it for sure!

Hello all.
I am looking for a Thrash Metal preset. I play in standard tuning.
Can anyone help me further ?

Greeting Durchde

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Any presets similar to AJ Rebollo from Issues?

I just wanted to say thank you for making these. I use a lot of your Superior Drummer presets as well!

Hi guys!
I am looking for cemetary gates intro and main solo tones! i’d be more than appreciated if you’d share. thanks!

Wow! This is awesome, thank you very much!

Has anyone made a preset for Marigold with this plugin?

anyone have any presets similar to this tone from weezer’s pinkerton?