A Bass amp in Archetype Nolly

I love Nolly, He is my favourite producer and also a great guitarist. But what got me into Nolly in the first place is his sick Bass Tone. The Plugin is amazing, no doubt about that, but its also the highest priced plugin among the whole lot. And since he is a sick Bass Player ( check out his bass play-throughs if you already haven’t) i think we fans deserve a Bass Amp. I am not asking for a Parallax Quality plugin inside the Archetype Nolly, Just a sick sounding Amp head with some Bass irs.

Let me know what you think guys.

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In his time using AxeFX live with Periphery, he used a preset consisting of a 5150 mixed with clean tone and not really a bass model. That being said, you will probably get a more accurate “Nolly tone” using the guitar amps on the plugin and mixing a clean, compressed, low cut track.