Archetype: Cory Wong Presets Thread

Presets from Steven’s video:

Archetype: Cory Wong Tone Demo


Great! Thanks for sharing. love it! :+1:

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I made a Cory Wong preset reminiscent of Rabea’s big ambient sounds. I think it’s aptly named :slight_smile:

Rabea (2.0 KB)

I posted this in another thread for a U2 question but it probably belongs here too:

Nameless Streets.xml (6.2 KB)

Its set up for a hardtail Strat with a set of Fender Noisless Hot in it, so ymmv but it should at least be in the ballpark. Just set on the “quack” (second from the bottom) pickup selector switch position.

Also, for this to be convincing you’ll need to use Herdim Blue pick using the textured portion to pick with and also use good damping technique with your picking thumb for the intro and exit of the song… Enjoy.

Plus you want to have a 1 Meg load on the guitar, so you’ll want a buffer if your audio interface isn’t 1 Meg input. If your input is quite a bit lower, no simulation is going to sound right…

I uploaded the wrong file and the delay should be set sync’d at 1/8D, and for a better feel of the pocket (imo) unsync and set at .351 ms based on song tempo of 125.82.

These are great for seeing just how aggressive Archetype Wong can get. Based on U2’s “The Fly” set up for hardtail Strat with Fender Noiseless Hot pickups, all presets for neck pickup:

The Fly 1.xml (6.2 KB) The Fly 2.xml (6.2 KB) The Fly Solo.xml (6.6 KB)

Adjust input level to peak at about 80%, tweak from there for optimum drive levels. Best with midi expression pedal on wah though fun as-is.

Here are presets for those fortunate enough to have a mid-90’s Gretsch Pearl Jet or similar. Personally I like the Gretsch better than the Strat for this sound, but they’re both great IMO. As with the Strat versions, adjust input to peak around 80% and tweak from there for optimum drive. Also designed for neck pickup, though the solo version sounds equally good when switching to bridge.The Fly 1 Gretsch.xml (6.2 KB) The Fly 2 Gretsch.xml (6.2 KB) The Fly Solo Gretsch.xml (6.6 KB)

Dynamic Blues for Strat preset can use no pedals or any combo of comp and distortion pedals. Works well for players who like to use the guitar’s volume and tone controls a lot. Also fun with the wah. Set input to peak around 80% and tweak from there. Dynamic Blues Strat.xml (6.6 KB)

Set up for hardtail Strat with Fender Noiseless Hot which sound a bit darker than many Strat pups, so presets might be a bit bright for some.

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I created some presets, I love the clean tones i got from this plugin:

Working on an Eric Johnson Manhattan Tone - any critique on how to get closer would be appreciated Manhattan.xml (6.2 KB)

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Here is a preset I made that I have been using the last few weeks at church. I play for Elevation Worship and run my stereo board into a zoom tac 2 then into a stereo radial SGI into the Snake for front of house. It’s an edge of breakup sound that takes pedals and effects perfectly the Cab IR is from Tone Junkie. Before I was using a Z-wreck that was killing the video team in the back lol. I was actually blown away at how close this plugin sounds and with .05 latency with the tac-2 it FEELS like an amp. I am using a Strat with all single coils made by Virgil Arlo. In the zip you will find two cab IR’s just put the silver on the left and the greenback on the right there is a picture in the zip with the cab settings ENJOY!!

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My contribution: Slow Blues

Medium gain, saturated, cleans with light picking and volume pot. Setup with a tele.

The file is deleted :frowning:

Early Grave.xml (6.5 KB)