Anyone here bought one of the open box demo units from Sweetwater? If so, what was your experience?

I saw one listed and couldn’t resist. It should be arriving Tuesday. Has anyone else here bought one of these? I’m a little nervous, but I know sweetwater has a thorough inspection process. Just wondering what I should look out for and check first thing once it arrives? I’ll probably do a factory reset if SW didn’t do it already.

I bought mine as a return to Sweetwater. I have had no issues at all. In fact they gave me a discount and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had it for 4 or 5 weeks now.

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I know this is a few days old but just wanted to chime in and say I also bought a demo unit from Sweetwater and have been very happy with it. Came in the original packaging, mint condition, and shipped really quickly which is the norm for Sweetwater.

The only difference I can see in it from a brand new one from the manufacturer is that Sweetwater put a big green “Demo Unit” sticker on the box which, in my opinion, is not a big deal since I got it for about $250 less than a brand new unit and didn’t have to wait for it more than a day and a half.

It should be no big deal as they still give you the 2 year warranty.