Quad Cortex Demo From Sweetwater

Hopefully this means our pre-orders are close to shipping. I would assume the final hardware is far into production at this point.


That looks and sounds great! Not much we haven’t seen in the blog posts yet but it’s nice to actually hear the thing and see it in action somewhat. Some things that worry me:

  • There’s a pretty mahoosive lag after some switch presses. I’m guessing that might be only on preset changes but … oof, it could at the very least give some visual indication that it’s switching
  • He didn’t use the rotary controls at all
  • “There will be mobile and desktop apps” - I really hope at launch and not “some day”

Worry is a big word of course, but those are things to look out for in future demoes (for me at least).

Either way, looks pretty awesome!


It the preset switching scenes should be like the other brands i would think instant

Small things about the screens but i dod notice a lot less color like the gig view
Preset. Scene tiles
I am wondering. If the user can just configure and assign colors brightness etc ??

That’s most likely just bad lighting. It’s hard to film screens.

The switching demo-ed around 2:00 looked pretty fast to me.

Wish there was a few more demos with play, but it is all good. I’m on the list with Sweetwater! Can’t wait! I’ve been a Fractal user for years, and I really hope I love the Cortex more. I can’t wait to use this live and at church!

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Much more sounds and much less talking would be helpful for the world. Every sound sample says more than a thousand marketing words.


While presets took time, scene switches were pretty much instant in the video.


they should sue them for how they made it sound. I’m not worried but I bet that being the first official video it won’t help much.

Lol i thought it was decent for what it was
Showed off getting around the unit
Little bit of Fender clean and Plexi crunch
I know it not the high gain but we already know they can deliver that
I thought it was cool to see a few different tone
I am sure the Rabea vid later this month is going to seal the deal for the heavy players , this was kind of a nice introduction . Also that was Beta software and I guarantee just pulling up a factory preset

Agree that it was not a good showing. But it was also unfortunately just par for the course when comparing to all of the other Sweetwater demos. I am sure Neural what they would likely get out of it, but there was probably no way to avoid having to let Sweetwater do their thing.

I don’t think it hurt at the end of the day. The only thing it really helped was show that the unit was relatively closer to fully functioning in the hands of a third party than we have seen so far.