Anyone have a neutral IR?

So I did something awesome. My 3 person band has a wedding gig. We were able to replace our mixer with the QC and process 1 vocal chain and 3 instrument chains with every amp and effect we needed. That was one of the marketing promises of the QC, it felt pretty cool.

On this topic, does anyone have a 100% flat or neutral IR (impulse response). This sounds crazy, but in this setup my acoustic guitar is limited to 1 row. I have a 3Sigma IR for my acoustic, but I need 2 rows in order to do a 50/50 type blend (split to one row for the IR, one row for clean). I realized that I could achieve this in a single row. The cab block allows you to load 2 different IR’s. So I could load the 3Sigma IR and the flat/neutral IR, and blend right there.

I just need to find a neutral IR!!!

There’s one here

@onyir, I owe you one. Thanks!!!