Using QC as an acoustic preamp

I’m considering purchasing a QC and have hopes that it would replace both my electric and my acoustic pedalboards.

Does anyone have experience using this to replace your acoustic preamp? I don’t use much for effects (just light compression and reverb), and I’m not looking for acoustic guitar modeling…just consistently good tone.

Sorry if this has been covered in a previous post; if it has I couldn’t find it.

Thanks in advance.

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I haven’t tried that yet, but I see no way it wouldn’t work great! It has nice compressors, eq’s, reverbs and delays, and all the necessary ins and outs for even some more complicated pickup + mic setups.

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Thanks for the reply! Those were my thoughts as well. It could be really powerful as a dual source mixer/processor for an acoustic as well. I found a few videos of people using it for acoustic, but most had effects/modulations running which made it hard to assess the quality of the preamp audio. Excited to see if anyone on here has some hands on experience.

I just did a wedding gig using the QC to process my acoustic guitar, vocals, and upright bass. 3 signal chains in one device. We actually ditched our mixer. There is some value!!!

Here is one awesome trick. Allot of acoustic players use IR files to make our pickups sounds more natural. But you need to mix the IR with the clean signal to get the ideal sound. In other modelers the IR blocks have a blend control. The QC does not (feature request here)

I’ve solved it two ways. One way is to split the rows with the IR/cab block on the first, and clean on the second. Then I had a revelation. The cab blocks let you load 2 different IR’s. I loaded my modified IR, and a completely flat (neutral) IR. Then I could blend right inside a single cab block. Kinda a work around until QC makes this simpler.

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Thanks for your reply! I also found a clip of Cory Wong playing an acoustic through the unit and was able to produce a sound similar to what I’m wanting! Ordered my unit this morning, hoping it gets here before the new year.

Great! I was going to ask the same question as I play prog rock, and I have to change electric guitar to violin to acoustic guitar and back, so it seems that the Quad Cortex will finally make my life a lot easier :sunglasses::metal::metal::metal:

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I use my QC for acoustic guitar and mandolin, both using body image IRs and a neutral IR in the cab block. Works great.

Sounds great, but where do you get a neutral IR from? Do you create it yourself?Or would you be so kind to share it?

Get a free neutral IR here: Stereo Cabinet IRs

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Thank you VERY much, jamsden! Great link, I purchased the whole pack!

Hi, I captured a K&K Pure preamp over the weekend and uploaded. I think it sounds great.