Using an acoustic guitar IR in QC

I am not sure how to use an acoustic guitar IR in my QC. I have used it in my L6 Stomp XL and it sounds great but is very lacking in my QC which seems odd. Could someone give me an idea of a signal path using one? Kind of like Volume pedal > IR > Verb > EQ, etc…
I am using a L6 powercab as a monitor but not sure how to go about this whole thing. Also, how do I get the signal boosted a little? Line 6 has preamps for this kind of thing but the QC seems to have a lot ofelectric guitar amps. I use a K&K preamp but with the QC it is still pretty quiet. Thanks in advance!

IRs are linear, so you can place them anywhere in the signal chain and it won’t make much if any difference as long as all the other blocks are linear too. I would suggest a useful convention for acoustic guitar body image IRs is to place them near the front of the signal chain so they shape your guitar tone as an instrument, then drive that into other effects.

Unfortunately, neither the Cab or IR blocks have a wet/dry mix control. So you’ll generally need a neutral IR (one that has no impact on tone) so you can blend the pickup with the body image IR. This is often needed to retain good pick attack, improve dynamics, and avoid feedback issues that IRs can cause. Get a free neutral IR here: Stereo Cabinet IRs.

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Thanks for the info! I see you here and on the Helix site as well and have always respected your knowledge so I really appreciate your help on this. I was not sure where to put the IR in another sense. I have a Kopp D series guitar with the dimarzio Black Angel (magnetic + Piezo) system going into either the K&K or Grace felix preamp and then into the QC. I found a nice Martin D-28 IR (I don;t use the IR to make an electric sound like an acoustic, BTW but to make an acoustic sound more like an acoustic…) so tell me if this makes sense? If I just open the IR in a block it doesn’t do much, If I open a cab block and then put the Martin D-28 IR in there it sounds a lot better. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of cab I use as the Matin IR seems to nullify the cab and becomes it’s own thing. I don’t know why this works but it does and sounds pretty nice. I really wish that the QC had a nice tube preamp model in it!

worshiptutorials have many acoustic Ir’s for both mag and acoustic guitar pickups. McPherson, Collins, Martin and Gibson. I bought one of their Ir packs. Also I found a Neve 1073 capture here on this site that seems to work well with about any acoustic pick up. I play acoustic as well and I use a Lowden Ir that I found here. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1 Hope this helps!

Thanks! I am using a worship tutorials Martin IR that was free and as I am using a Kopp D, this IR really brings out the character of the guitar. I am really curious where you found the Neve 1073? I looked onboard and didn’t see it. While i was looking, I found some captures of a BBE sonic maximizer and added it to the chain andit was definitely another step in the right direction! Someone also recommended using the Roland Jazz Chorus amp model as a mic pre and it is pretty nice. If I am understanding them correctly I could capture my mic preamps? If that it true, I will soon be in heaven as I have some really nice preamps here in the studio!

There are a few mic pres on the cloud. We made a few in our studio, but I find they tend to be very subtle. It’d be interested in hearing your results

Thanks! I found two Neves and one API and downloaded them and my sound is coming around. I have a choice now between the Roland, API and Neve. So my signal is a Grace Felix (which I use for most of the EQ) > QC > Dreadnought IR > API, Neve or Roland JC > Plate Verb > Parametric 8 > BBE Maximizer > Line 6 Pwr Cab (Set for FRFR)
I have an acoustic gig on Friday and I am really excited about this sound.
Thanks to all of you for the ideas!

Hey @rwinking, it sounds like you’re getting somewhere with this! That’s awesome. I set things up on the QC with a preamp capture and then one of our Acoustic IR’s (we have a number of different ones available at www.SelahSounds.come if you’re interested in checking them out). I put my Acoustic IR in a parallel path which then allows me to adjust the blend in the Splitter’s Mixer and I find I usually end up with about an 80% mix for the Acoustic IR. Works great! I would definitely recommend playing around with the Mind Hall reverb on your acoustic as it sits great with the right settings. Have fun!

Thanks Selahsounds! I looked on your site as to how to set up an acoustic IR and it seems that I had come up with something similar. I tried just setting up an IR block and found it lacking. When I added the IR to a cab block it was much better. I will check out your IRs as I am in search of “The Tone” and am gaining on it!