Any word when we will get the QC Desktop Editor?

Is really needed and would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone heard anything?

I believe the last mention of it was in June:

The thread was then closed, so I assume that’s it for now.

While I fully understand the request for a desktop editor, I also have to admit that I need it less than I thought.
The editing on QC’s touchscreen is really good, so I would anyway build my presets on the device itself.
Long lists of captures are a bit difficult on the QC and would be easier to handle with a dektop app.
Plus a local backup would be nice.

Just as an aside, for a desktop editor to be something I’d use, I’d want it to work wirelessly. I don’t need it to work wirelessly, but I’d want it to, optionally.

One of the things I love about the QC is that I have no real reason to plug it in to my computer. It’s on my home network, so there’s no reason it couldn’t expose its functionality via IP. There wouldn’t have to be a lot of traffic between an editor and the QC in order to make this work.

If they come up with only a wired solution(like USB) for an editor in year 2022, it’s already dead. :see_no_evil:

Please use search to see if any feature request is already posted as in this case:

Since this is a duplicate, it will be closed.