Desktop Editor, please

Just curious why you need to go through all those steps? Once you are connected via wifi, you just go to settings and update, download (backup/restore) or update the FW. Three selections from the screen which takes less than 2-3 seconds total to complete. I also agree on the editor but the GUI makes it too easy to manipulate the presets etc., I could see a file manager being more necessary than editor, at least for me :slight_smile:

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It’s often with my device that after boot it’s not connected to wifi, and I need to open the list of networks for it to create a connection. It also sometimes happens that I’m logged out without reason.

Same here. This can be quite annoying

My Cortex required every time i wanted to make Backups a Login to the cloud and a login to the WLAN.
next problem is if i am not at home i am forced to make a hotspot with my Smartphone or dial in to the WLAN of Studio or Friend, depending where i am.

with an Editor or at least a File Mangement Sytem for your PC you can update any time you want to and you would not be forced to update your Cortex if the Firmware.

The firmware update was only necessary this time for uploading your presets. This was due to the new “bundles” feature which reworked a big part of how presets are handled. So in the future you should be able to upload your presets without first updating to the latest firmware.

Still, a desktop editor and file manager would be such a nice thing to have!

I would reach out to NDSP support as that is not normal. Mine had pretty much stayed connected to the same wifi AP since it arrived in July. The only time I have had to re-login was after a power loss or something like that but otherwise its been rock solid. Give NDSP support a shout and see if they can’t resolve your issue. Obviously if you aren’t home, then you would need to continue to use your cell hotspot. Good luck!

i have different WLAN networks,

  • Bandroom
  • at home
  • Friends
  • traveling

Yeah, than that would be completely normal to have to login each time when using multiple APs unfortunately and nothing NDSP can do to solve that.

yes, but with a Desktop Editor or at least Filemanager for Backups via USB i could hook on my Laptop, and make my Backups :wink:

You would still need wifi for FW updates etc. We may get an editor but I don’t believe I ever heard NDSP indicate a file manager as far as I know.

Dont get me wrong, the Cortex is Awesome, but on this point it is a little bit like a PC with no SSD and only Cloud Storage.
You can use it from everywhere on travel, but if you have no WLAN one of the basic functions is not available.

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“Is there a desktop controller?
There will be. It will launch shortly after the global launch of Quad Cortex.”

The launch was more than a year ago. I don’t know if that translates to ‘shortly after’.


Technically, there is a 32GB SD card inside which may be directly accessible in future updates

sorry that is “Mumpitz”

to save on the internal SD in the Cortex as backup is like using Parition C on your PC Drive and make Backups on Partition D…

This is just amazing. Still nothing on the editor?
They’re saying ‘very soon’ for more than a year and a half now…


I completely agree. Even though the QC is fairly easy to navigate, it would be so much faster and even easier to organize and edit presets via software.

Here’s the most current update for everyone regarding the desktop editor:

It’s been in the works for many months now but it’s a big project. It’s coming, but not S O O N. We appreciate everyone’s patience and it will be worth the wait!


Thank you for the update.

So after a more than a year of telling us ‘very soon’, you just changed it to ‘not soon’?