Editor? Anyone

I love the QC! But as someone that bought the QC with the intention of designing presets, Captures and selling them, I have to say I am getting more than a little annoyed we still don’t have an editor. And we still don’t have the ability to port our NDSP Plugins over to the QC.

Come on NDSP. We all love the device but where’s the editor and Plugin porting capability?

They are aware of these requests as I think they are probably the most common requests. Both of these supposed to be on the plan already, and they’ll deliver it as soon as they can. Meanwhile, even myself (a dedicated PC person who hates doing things on modelers) don’t find it too bad. It’s a well designed UI - so just work with what you can and know that the rest is in the works


Couldn’t have said it better :grinning:


You are NOT the Lone Ranger, and many are and have been waiting a long time now for these things. I do believe that “they are working on it” needs a new status update as well…

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