Any severe issues with 2.0.3?

Hi community,

I’m going to have my first gig with the QC in 2 weeks.
I’m currently running 2.0.1 with no issues so far, never had any issues on all earlier system versions as well.
I’m a bit hesitant about updating before the gig because I want to be sure it will keep being that stable as it is now.
Are there any known issues with 2.0.3 regarding stability?

Everyone seems to indicate no issues with the update so you should be good to go.


I have had some problems with version [2.0.3]

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Thanks for the info.
However, this reads like the problem is a failed update, not the new system making trouble per se.

The 2.0.3 update has not been out in the wild that long but doesn’t appear to have any glaring issues. If 2.0.1 is stable for you though, and you only have the one gig in 2 weeks, maybe you might want to hold off on the upgrade, just on general principle. That principle being that doing an update before a gig always involves an additional level of risk.

It is a fairly important version change however as it includes security updates. You are going to want to get to it sooner or later and if you have some rehearsals coming up, perhaps two weeks gives you enough time to detect any showstoppers. I definitely wouldn’t do it with, for example, two days before my performance.

As with any piece of gear that represents a single point of failure, you should have a backup rig just in case.

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Thx for the thorough remark!

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I had an issue yesterday. Changed the name of a setlist, went to copy a preset into it and it froze. A few moments later it rebooted. Haven’t tried to reproduce it.

did you notice if anything had been deleted after the reboot? This was the main issue previously, that it would delete anything being edited.
Did you report it to support?

I always have a recent backup so I wasn’t worried. No, the preset was still in its original location which surprised me as I was going to do a Cut & Paste (died after I Cut the preset and before I could Paste it). Nope, didn’t report it, too busy atm.