Any idea why my plini plugin sounds so muddy?

Does anyone know the input volume for the Audient iD22 + positive bias FX2 \ amplitube 5, please ?

Any idea why my sound is horrible compared to his [MEDIA=youtube]Uiy8RKDx7r4:375[/MEDIA]

Also, Any idea why my right output volume is higher than the left:

P.S - Please don’t mind my playing - I’m a below-below beginner at best.

Turn your input mode back to mono, that will make the sound better for left and right. Stereo input is for synths and stuff like that.

I think the difference in tones is minimal enough that its likely your guitar. Maybe it needs new strings?

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I don’t have Plini, but I do have 3 other plugins. Yes, turn down your input. Do you have some reason to use stereo as an input.? If so, you need to make sure left and right are equal before it hits your plug-in. Also, I have found the reverb always reduces high end when it is turned up past 9 o’clock.

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