Plini Overdrive has unusual bassy artifacts...?

When I use the plugin, I only use the compressor and distortion pedal. I shut off the amp, cab and everything else, because I’m using my Axe fx for many of those components. With the Plini overdrive pedal, there are unsual bassy artifacts when you are playing,…it muddies up the sound so much , the distortion is unusable. I keep the drive at super low and the level at around 12 oclock, and after playing some, the artifacts will come in. This isn’t from a low latency setting…it’s something within the overdrive.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Hi @mkbigmoz and sorry to hear you are having issues using the plug-in overdrive. I know that gain staging is important and its almost impossible to know how you have your setup configured as you are using the Axe for amp modeling. I specifically love the Plini and included drives and have been able to use those included drives/effects using the QC as my modeler without issue. I would recommend to email and they will get you sorted quickly.