Amplifier recommendations?

What’s everyone using? I’m currently using some Mackie studio monitors but would like to get an amplifier/speaker combo so it will be portable.

Guitar amp or power amp? Tubes or solid state?

I plan on using the sounds of the QC and am not real interested in having the amp do that part.

I mostly play old school metal, progressive rock and some newer stuff like Babymetal.


PS…Budget friendly with good quality is a plus.

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Budget friendly you say? Not sure how much it is in the US, but the HeadRush FX FRFR112 is a 2000w powered FRFR speaker that has good reviews and would pair nicely with the Quad Cortex. I’m actually getting one of these for my QC this week.

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Give us an honest review after you get that one. It did come up on my radar as a good candidate. Thanks!

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I have a pair of HeadRush FRFR 108s and love them. The only caveat is that if you put them on the floor, you’ll want something underneath to dampen the bass. Also if these are only going to be in a studio, maybe consider the 108s instead of the 112s. The 108s above volume 4 blow me out of the room with the QC at 100. I can’t imagine having 112s…

First post here, my QC arrives tomorrow so very excited. I had a Headrush FRFR and sold it. I found it too boomy even with isolation pads. This was using a Headrush Gigboard. I currently have a HX Stomp and run it through either the Laney LFR 112 or the JBL Eon One Compact. Both are better than the heardrush in my opinion (home use). Hope this helps.

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Hi everyone,

the Headrush ist ok and low budget - let’s say, it is “usable”.

My favorite are the high quality products by Blueamp - e.g. the Mimic 212:

They are custom made with interesting price ranges.

I was blown away by quality of sound and linearity.

The presets of the QC got a way better resolution and authenticity.

Can 100% recommend the Laney FRFR series cabs. I use the 2x12 and its great for backline on a stage, both sound and aesthetics.