Alternative Directory window

It seems to me that the current directory window is not at all ergonomic and inconvenient. Please consider such a layout, or suggest it as an option:

All links from the left panel of Directory can be placed in the form of icons on the top panel.
This arrangement will allow you to place 40 presets on the screen without the need to select a bank, and this will be enough in the vast majority of cases. However, by clicking the “settings” button, you can increase the number of displayed banks, if this is not enough for someone. Also, a panel that allows you to immediately select the desired scene fits well into this layout. Pages with banks can be flipped with a swipe or buttons next\previous.
The Directory Links buttons must have two modes of pressing. A simple tap will immediately open the user content panel - user presets (first setlist), user captures, user pulses. A long press on the button will allow you to select alternative content - factory or from the cloud, or other setlists.

By the way, the tag system should be supplemented with the ability to assign a color to each tag, then this matrix can be made more informative, like this:

In this mode, it will also be convenient to hide names, increase the number of banks on the screen and navigate only by colors.

Why the scene buttons at the top?

It seemed to me that it was nicer, and the edges of touch screens are usually a little buggy, so I decided to place non-interactive labels at the bottom