Add delay to Cab IR block for stereo effect OR Add Stock IRs to IR loader

The new IR loader has the built in function to add delay for stereo separation to create a HUGE wall of sound within a single row stereo guitar preset.

Before the addition of the new IR loader, this could only be done with cab blocks by adding a delay block in front of a split signal chain, using up 2 entire rows and a ton of DSP.

The introduction of autodelay for 3rd party IRs was a game changer. Not only did it conserve DSP, but it also allowed stereo separation, and more imporantly, that massive wall of stereo guitars within a single signal path row unsplit.


For those of us that like the Stock IRs, we are missing out on the new IR loader functionality!

To rectify this situation:

In 2.1 The Cabsim block is already being redesinged, we propose the delay function could simply be added, to give us the huge stereo sound we love with the stock IRs.


Built in Irs could simply be made accessible through the existsing IR loader.