Quad Cortex IR Handling

Currently I use one of the existing cabs, I replace the microphone and load any of my imported IRs.
I think there is no sound difference when I change the cab type to another (112, 212, 412 …) and use the same IRs. Am I right?

It would be great, when I could see directly in any row within my workflow, that I’m using an IR instead of an existing cab.

Maybe you can add a new “IR-Cab-Symbol” parallel to the current CAB-Symbol -
similar like IR Handling using “HELIX”.

They need an actual IR BLOCK. It should have two IRs, HPF/LPF/Panning at a a minimum and maybe even some other niceties like ‘Air’, etc, that you see on other units. Obviously, it should have a different symbol in the chain, too. Downside is, it complicates sharing on the cloud, just like captures do.

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