Add additional "pip" to blocks that have expression pedal assignment to parameters

Especially when downloading presets from the cloud it may not be clear that they require (or at least expect) an expression pedal to be used for certain blocks/items (such as splitters). It would nice if there were some visible indication on the grid when an item has had a parameter assigned to an expression pedal. This would make it readily apparent so that the assignment could be removed to achieve the desired sound, or to immediately know that a pedal can be used to alter various blocks within the setup without having to dive into the details of every block to see if an assignment has been made.


2 (bad) examples of possible solutions accounting for the fact that both pedals can be assigned to the same block(s). This does not address splitter/mixer or input/output blocks but I assume some sort of indicator can be devised for those as well - even if just a small dot(s), indicating EXP assignment of some kind.