How can I see the expression pedal assignments of an existing preset?

How can I see the expression pedal assignments of an existing preset? I downloaded for example some Presets which use Exp 1 to activate a fake guitar feedback freqout emulation. I would like to see the assignments which were used in these presets. But I got the impression that I can only assign something new and then what was there before seems to be erased. Or am I overlooking something?

It should be visible once you go thru the steps (as if you’re newly assigning it)- it shouldn’t overwrite it unless you start changing them. Unfortunately there’s no shortcut to the settings, you can only go thru it as if you are assigning them for the first time.

Which preset is it? I’ll DL it and see if I can see the settings on mine

This one:
Xush~Freqout Test_2
And anyway thank you very much for sharing this one. It is very nice!
The question would be also if I could copy the “Freqout part” of your Preset to another Preset. It would be nice to combine your approach with the Octave Block with a Pitch Block with a -7 Semitones setting. This way you would get an even more complex and rich overtone going on. I like also about your Preset in comparison with the other feedback emulation presets that it sustains forever!

I have used a Soldano 100 Preset which seems to be made by a user with the name Matias and copied into it your freqout mechanism and an additional pitch block with +7 semitones. I would like to share this preset with you, but I don’t know how. Or is it not possible because the original preset is from Matias?

The problem I have with the pitch block is that before pressing the expression pedal everything is as it should be. So no octave and no pitch effect. Then when I press I got the octave and pitch effect. Then when the pedals goes to its original starting position I still have the pitch effect which I don’t want. I assigned the mix parameter to the pitch, but something is still wrong. Do you know what could be the problem?

I really would like to share the preset with you. Anyway I solved the problem with the pitch block with the settings you see on the foto. I think this freqout effect could still be improved, but it is already something at least. The problem is to have those overtones really sounding through the mix. I don’t know if a compressor would help?

Now I have put a chorus behind the freqout blocks which is also not so bad. So many options…
I think at can still be improved…

Ah, that’s funny- I didn’t know it’d be mine!
Unfortunately, that’s correct; you can’t share it unless you built it from scratch. I’d love to hear your version though.
I kind of build my presets as a template, assuming people will swap out amps and cabs, etc.

I think more compressors could definitely increase this particular effect but there’s a point where they start adding too much noise. It’s a fine balance.

I’d love to hear your adjustments, I’d hoped someone would want to join the experiment at some point

I will insert the freqout part in another preset and hope that I can share it with you. I will do that tomorrow. One more time. Thank you. You did the most important part. The rest is only decoration.

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I used the Factory Soldano Preset and inserted in the third row of “our” freqout section. Now it is public, but it appears as a Preset which has been made by user matias. Maybe we should contact matias about that, but I can not find him here in the forum as a user. Anyway you should be able to download the preset and let my know what you think. Here is the link. I also don’t know why this link appears like an announcement for neural dsp which might be confusing for some people, but anyway…

It would be nice if the second pitch block with +7 semitones would come with a delay. So that you first hear the octave of the octave block and then later the quint, but I don’t know how to do that. Also I think that when you use the freqout block in a high gain preset the effect doesn’t have that subtle beauty anymore which it has in your original preset. So there still is a lot of room for improvement.

I finally got a chance to check it out; very cool! I don’t do much high gain stuff, but it makes more sense for this particular application. Nice adjustments there!

we could implement your delay/pitch idea by inserting it on a separate lane and setting the delay mix to 100%. Then only the delay repeats would be pitch-shifted, not the original notes, and there would be a delayed response. Kind of like the Icicles preset concept.

The main difference in our presets is that I isolate the Freeze Lane with the 2 inverted gain blocks on either end (via XP, that’s probably why you were asking about the exp pedal settings).
This way, the Freeze effect lane is totally separate from your main tone and you can keep playing OVER the Freeze WITHOUT the fx from the freeze on your main signal.

Nice work, man! Thanks for playing along and sharing

Thank you for your interesting suggestions! :grin: There is always the danger of spending too much time with tweaking, but I will try out the trick with the delay set to 100 percent. I have the QC only since two weeks, so I have to get used to the concepts of splitting points, parallel lanes and all that, but I understand what you mean.

I am not in front of my QC, just one more thing. I think the pitch block with +7 semitones sounds better with a smaller mix value than in my original preset. Otherwise it sounds a little bit like the Owner of a lonely heart solo :wink:


If you have the option, try using a different expression pedal or check the pedal for any mechanical damage. Also make sure that you are using the correct settings for the pedal in the software you are using.

Thank you. I know now how it goes. It is just counterintuitive, because in order to reach the settings you have to connect every time your expression pedal again. This should be improved.


I have now a basic understanding about what is going on with the expression pedal. There are various ways to activate the freeze effect. You can do it with your foot with the expression pedal, but you can also do it as a foot switch in stomp box mode or you can use another scene with the freeze effect activated. The thing is that if I don’t use the first method (touching the expression pedal with my foot) I always get an interruption of the tone. Does anybody know if I am doing something wrong or is there another way? In other words if I am using MIDI CC Commands to active the freeze effect there always happens an interruption of the tone. It doesn’t matter if I use CCs to change the scene (CC43) or foot switch (CC35) or whatever. It would be nice to activate the freeze effect with a MIDI Command without having an interruption of the tone.
UPDATE: I got it figured out. If you want to activate the freeze effect via MIDI without interruption of the tone you want to freeze/sustain you have to send three CC1s. Maybe two will also work. I did not try I just started with three and it worked. So you send CC 1 with the Value 0, then with Value 44 (or another in between value) and then with value 127. (When you want to turn the freeze effect off you just send one CC1 with the value 0.) This way you simulate the movement of your leg pressing down the expression pedal. And you have the possibility to automate freeze effects which I find quite useful. Because I am mainly playing backing tracks with a sequenzer and this way I can automate moments where I need to sustain a note longer than it would normally sustain and you can also simulate/automate feedback effects. The fake feedback is not the same as the real thing, but in some cases it might be useful.

Agreed, a single page or screen to see all footswitch assignments, as well as the ones for the expression pedal and toeswitch, is incredibly useful! The Helix has this by way of an example.

Of course it’s not logical, and who says it’s logical?)