Add "virtual" (MIDI only) expression pedals

I think it would be quite useful to have additional expression pedals (EXP 3/4 for example) defined as MIDI only devices.

This would allow capabilities like:

  • Allow the physical EXP ports to be used purely for additional stomp functionality (until we get direct MIDI block control) while still having expression pedal control available
  • Allow for MIDI waveform generators to be used like an LFO for block params while still allowing EXP1/2 to be used normally/without conflict
  • More overall bypass and parameter manipulation options for blocks
  • And so much more :smiley:

Yes please! I’d love this feature.

When linking a control to an expression pedal, they should just add any unassigned MIDI CC messages for selection. Since two expression pedals are already midi controlable, I imagin that this addition shouldn’t be too difficult.

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