Abasi & Plini Icon Size mismatch MAC OS

I was using plini and picked up Abasi due to a discount , anyway

Archetype Abasi icon in launchpad is smaller than
Archetype Plini icon on OSX

Also ArchetypePlini has no space ,

and earlier Archetype Plini was called ArchetypeP in the earlier version and DAW i had to swap the plugin due to name change from your(Neural DSP) side.

yep you can send me some more presets as a quality Checker. :slight_smile:

How do add a photo to this post …

OH Here Pasteboard - Uploaded Image

Nobody cared , did it myself

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I would absolutely like to know how to fix the icons like you did and also how to change that bottom bar to your deep blue like you have in the pic? Also want to change the Nolly. Nolly is white and gigantic. Plini has no left room and is smaller like Cali suite, but everything else is much smaller so nothing really matches well?

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It’s good that there are more people who like working aesthetics :wink: BTW there is no blue Bar , That screen shot is of mac launchpad That’s why names are visible , it is simply Mojave Desktop :slight_smile:

9 Studio Design , Its a fun little project

1- First of all you’ll need Gimp or Photoshop , and some working knowledge for making icon Png’s.

2 Head over to
Applications > Neural DSP > Archetype Abasi ‘right click’
Show Package Contents - Contents - Resources
From there Copy ‘Icon.icns’

Make A Folder on Desktop - ‘Archetype Custom Icon Kit’ ( For future safe keeping :wink:

Paste this Icon.icns there .

and Open a New Project in Photoshop - Paste this icon to a - start a new Project according to the clipboard image/icon size.

Now the entire Photoshop project begins ,
So i actually don’t like Neural DSP icons , they are low res grey , and the white sign of every plugin has a soft hallow like light , in my opinion not so sleek .

So we gonna mask this existing Icon with Pitch black Mask , and that forms the Background for each Icon.

Now i made another white mask [ basically inverted the Black icon] cause Plini GUI is white .

The tricky part is cropping and polishing rest of the icon’s inner white shapes [ this takes time and perfection]

Then from there simply export each icon to the desktop safe keeping folder.

Now in order to change the icon ,

open the icon in default app preview > cmd+A > cmd+C

Go back to
Applications > Neural DSP > Archetype Abasi ‘right click’

Get Info > then on the top left corner of get info, you’ll find existing Abasi company provided icon .

Paste what we capied from Preview ‘the New Abasi Icon’

Nothing else needed don’t try to delete or mod anything inside the app,

I did change ‘Archetype Abasi’ title because there was no gap , it didn’t break anything


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