Plini dark theme

Hi guys , please take in consideration for nexts upadates the option to switch to a dark theme for the UI for this plug in .
The white is great but is killing my eyes after little time.


Plini’s Dark theme will never be released IMO , cause then it’ll look like Abasi Plugin , Infact if you own both then you’ll know that there’s a reason why the tone dictates A particular colour. Just for this reason alone i customized the Plini Icon ,

read this Abasi & Plini Icon Size mismatch MAC OS

its just a color change dude in the UI , i dont think its a big deal to have an option in the settings to switch the theme in black.

I agree it doesn’t necessarily have to look like Abasi’s. It doesn’t have to be pitch black as Abasi’s, just something less bright and unsaturated.