GUI sizing issue. Opens in large everytime

Just purchased Abasi couple days ago. MacOS version.

One little issue, every time I open it, it opens to its largest size. I need to click the bottom right control twice to get it to be mid-sized. Anyone else see this issue?
Does it in stand-alone and plug-in mode all the daws I have.

I also own Plini, and do not have the sizing issue with that.
Frank M.

Same issue here with Logic Prox 10.5.6.
Any one found a work around or is it a known issue?

Is it not possible to set a default size so it opens the window size you want?

Jagman 20

Same issue here with Cory Wong plugin on Windows 10. Doesn’t remember GUI size settings for some reason.

Same issue for me with Cory. Never found a solution :frowning:

Same issue w/ the Nolly plugin on Mac.

This morning, I used the Abasi plug-in, hadn’t used in a while. Lo and behold, it’s now remembering that last size I set at. Inserted on a few test tracks, set them to different sizes, closed the project. Re-opened and tried Abasi. All my different sizes were still intact. No more large on first open, unless I set that.

Only difference on my system in the last month is a new SSD for projects only. I doubt that could affect a plug-in behavior??
I have a Hackintosh, High Sierra, Studio One 5.2. No changes to system drive where Abasi stores its files or prefs. It’s now working like it should, I’ll leave well enough alone.

Hi. I am using Archetype Gojira, with Studio One 5.2 also. The plugin sounds amazing but I also have the issue where it defaults at Large Gui. Also I can’t seem to move the gui around the screen like other plugins. Do you have that issue too?. I get round it by hitting F12 to minimise it, so it is not a major prob. Just wondered if your gui is also static?

Thought I lucked out … Archetype Abasi was working ok for a few weeks and now the problem is back. It “loves” large mode again. I don’t have the issue of not being able to move it around though. Maybe the devs have nice large screens and really don’t notice this? Has a mind of it’s own I suppose.

Fair enough. I did contact the tech guys, they are aware of this issue with some users, and suggested waiting for a newer version. As I said, it is not unusable. Probably just my OCD :slight_smile:

Gojira always opens large in the most recent versions of Logic and Big Sur for me too.

I received a response from Neural today. They asked me to check if re-saving the current preset with the correct window size solves the problem. Seems to be behaving so far.

I have since re-saved the presets I’ve created using Medium size, which is what I like to use. I zipped the entire preset folder in case it acts up again. Another thing I’ve done is make sure I only have the VST 3 version installed. Prevents me from accidentally choosing the VST 2. Will see how it goes.

Hey Guys. Thought I should mention, it is now working as expected. I updated Studio One.

Have the same problem with Archetype Nolly. I notices that this happens if I switch presets, /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Neural DSP/Archetype Nolly/plugin.settings has a property called settings editorSize=“1”, and after switching it resets it on value of 2 (which means the large size i guess). So annoying, especially when Plini works well and don’t have this OCD impact on me :slight_smile: So, waiting for updates…

I discovered there is an update for Abasi. ver 2.0
Hopefully this GUI issue is taken care of. Stumbled on this today…

Archetype: Abasi 2.0.0 - YouTube