GUI sizing issue. Opens in large everytime

Just purchased Abasi couple days ago. MacOS version.

One little issue, every time I open it, it opens to its largest size. I need to click the bottom right control twice to get it to be mid-sized. Anyone else see this issue?
Does it in stand-alone and plug-in mode all the daws I have.

I also own Plini, and do not have the sizing issue with that.
Frank M.

Same issue here with Logic Prox 10.5.6.
Any one found a work around or is it a known issue?

Is it not possible to set a default size so it opens the window size you want?

Jagman 20

Same issue here with Cory Wong plugin on Windows 10. Doesn’t remember GUI size settings for some reason.

Same issue for me with Cory. Never found a solution :frowning: