(Demo) Archetype: Abasi doesn’t show up in Logic Pro X

I will begin by stating that I have the Darkglass Ultra plugin installed and I have no problem finding it.
I’m using the latest Mac OS and my specs are top notch on my MacBook Pro.

I went through the plugin picker and it shows up, but says that it can’t be opened.

I began my trial a few days ago and it stopped showing the initial window at open.

I have the demos for a couple of other plugins installed, but the trial is yet to have begin on anything but the Archetype: Abasi.
The only conflict that I can foresee is that the other demos installed are causing this to happen.

I’m going to try some more tweaking tonight, but I’m looking for any input that anyone may have.

Thanks fam. :muscle::fire:

Sounds like some athorization buziness :slight_smile:

Hi @Thonaja.