Aaron Marshal / Intervals Presets?

I saw that Aaron Mashall had done a couple of presets for the Fortin Cali Suite, but they weren’t part of the Artist presets on my download, and I haven’t seen them as a downloadable pack anywhere. Am I missing something obvious?

Hey @m.shannon.kerr. The new presets are bundled with the current installer https://neuraldsp.com/downloads/

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Thanks for the response! What I didn’t realize is that even though the installer version number and metadata were the same, it had been updated. I uninstalled the previous version as well, just to be sure - sure enough, it’s all there now!

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Should I de-activate the license in iLok before uninstalling / reinstalling Cali Plugin? I’m new to the iLok thing and a little nervous about the license getting unavailable by uninstalling/installing the plugin. I don’t have the latest presets myself too.

Also, if there will be an update on the plugin in future, what is the best way to install it? Just run the update plugin executable, or un-install the current version of the plugin first? Also, what about the license in case of updating the plugin? Any need to de-activate it before updating?

@fabje1980 There’s no need to deactivate your license when reinstalling or updating.

If you’re on Windows, it’s recommendable to uninstall the previous version first. The installer should also give you the option to uninstall if you run it when another version is already installed.


I’m planning to reinstall my OS (Windows 10) in the next few weeks. I usually do a fresh installation of my pc every one or two years. Should I deactivate my license before reinstalling my pc? And activate it again using iLok after my pc is set up again? I Just want to be sure I don’t lose a license over a freshly installed pc / OS

@fabje1980 In that case, deactivating the license (from the local tab) is a good idea to avoid two uses on the same device.

If you experience problems with this, you can send your iLok user ID to support@neuraldsp.com so we can reset the activation.