Ouestions of a newbie

Hi Rockers,
I´m totally blown away by the Fortin Cali. I´ll use it with Reaper, but also the standalone-version for practicing, or maybe even for reheasals.

I´ve got two questions regarding the plugin:
Is it possibel to add some effects to the standalone-version? I´d love to be able to add some ambient-effects like Rabea…

Can I use the standalone-version on a second computer (Laptop) simultaneously? Or do I have to inactivate the license on my desktop PC first, to use the Fortin Cali on my Laptop?

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Rock on, guys

There are no reverb or delay pedals that add ambient effects within the Fortin Cali so you’ll have to either add some other reverbs and delays to the signal chain in a DAW or use a different plugin entirely. Basically you can’t add effects from other plugins in standalone.

As for the second question, I believe you can have up to 3 licenses activated on different 3 devices at once. So no, you don’t have to deactivate the license.

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Hi Jacob, o.k., thank you so much!


i have a question<
Is there a reason why this plug in sounds bad when i play it through my adam audio monitors which are connected through the headphone jack of my interface but when i use a regular aux cable and i connect it to my marshall code 25 amp through the iPod input it sounds great