2C+ Plugin vs. "CA John's 2C" amp model?

Hi Cortexers,

Did one of you already compare the new plugin against the amp model?
Would be interesting if they use the same algorithms or if something is different.

If no-one has checked so far, I will try on the weekend, however, my ears are not the best so I usually don’t spot each and every sound nuance.

Ok, my bad, I just realized that the JC 2C is a different amp than the 2C+, so my question may be a bit dumb…
Sorry, forget about it :slight_smile:

What I don’t really understand is why Neural does not create the QC amp models and the plugins in parallel.
They could have used the same algorithms on the QC and the plugin.
Instead, they implemented the 2C+ in the plugin and the JP 2C in the QC.
Strange… But they probably have their reasons.

In short they’re different algorithms or at least on a different platform. Hence why the plugins can’t be ported easily to the QC.

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What I know is plugins vs QC is different approach algorithms , while QC use robotic AI dialing thousands of combination of the real amp knob Meanwhile on the plugins is based on circuit modeling #CMIIW

I’m guessing they want people to buy both.

Surprising, I always thought they would use the same neural networks or whatever it is for both plugins and QC.

And I will make a check this weekend with the Soldano plugin versus the QC model regarding sound differences.

Bits will be the same, but bits will be very different.

Take the example if writing an app for iPhone and Android. It is possible to write the app then put it in a “wrapper” for the specific platform so you only have to write your app once.

However, you have to do it that way right from the start, and there are also limitations on the app by doing it that way. (Sometimes it’s actually more complicated and simply not worth it.)

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they were different physical amps (vintage vs modern) so a shoot-out won’t tell you much.

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True, I realized after posting that it’s actually different amps (2C+ and JP 2C).

However, the SLO 100 amp model in the QC should be the same as the SLO 100 plugin, right?

No, I was referring to the Soldano.
From Dan on Discord:
“They’re models of completely different SLO versions. QC one is vintage, plugin is the re-release.”

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Oh, thanks a lot then! You spared me the effort of comparing :slight_smile:

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Love that they finally added a Mark series model to the QC with 2.0, but it’s pretty weird that the IIc+ is still on the release list from 2020 for the QC…and the plugins got it and the QC still doesn’t.

On the other hand, as far as I understood, the JP 2C is anyway a renewed IIC+ with more channels and two EQs.
I may not be musical enough to hear the nuances, but for my requirements, the JP 2C model in the QC covers everything.

It’s a modern take on the IIc+, but it’s not the exact same nor has the same push/pull & class a mode. Is it better than scrolling through factory captures and hoping to find one that fits? Yes. Does the jp2c sound great. Yes. Is it’s a IIc+ like the plugin? No. The IIc+ is still listed on NDSP’s website for 2020 release amps, obviously they’ve had their hands on one, why don’t we get that on the QC.