1 Expression for Wah & Whammy

I work with Stomp Mode. I have only one exp pedal, and I want change from wah to whammy … there is way to do this ?

Momentary Footswitch for Whammy is not possible in the Quad Cortex ?

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Hi @aiacobellis and welcome to the community! There are expression pedals that have additional switching that accomplishes that task. Email support@neuraldsp.com with specifics on your expression pedal model/version and what you are specifically looking to accomplished and they will get your sorted quickly.

I don’t have the QC in front of me right now, but you can assign one footswitch in stomp mode to turn one of the blocks on and another block off at the same time. So with one footswitch you could toggle between wah and whammy, I guess.

The problem is that my Expression is AutoReturn, and is activate the Wah Stomp.

But I cant find how to disable wen I switch the whammy.

@aiacobellis I see your issue. If you have both the whammy and the wah set to auto-engage, then the moment you pass the engage threshold on the expression pedal, both the whammy and wah blocks turn on. This applies even if you have both blocks assigned in opposite bypass states (on/off) to the same footswitch. I have not found a way to work around this yet.

I don’t think the firmware is smart enough yet to do one of two things. One option would be to honor the blocks’ on/off states, based on how the whammy & wah blocks were saved in a scene, such that auto-engaging the pedal would only turn on the block that was saved as active in that scene. A second option, and one that I hope comes to the QC some time soon, would be to allow expression pedal assignments to change between scenes. Of course, this second option wouldn’t help your use case as you run in Stomp mode.

The expression pedal control implementation on the QC appears to be extremely limiting and in need of enhancement. I am a new user though so maybe I am missing some configuration option that allows more flexibility.

Hate to say it but if you are going to use auto-engage, and want to switch control between two blocks blocks within a single preset/snapshot, your best option as of firmware 1.40 might be to use two expression pedals.

Another option would be to run both blocks in a parallel configuration and switch between them by controlling the mixer settings by foot switches. It should be possible in scene mode. Probably not in stomp mode.

Complete newbie here but this seems like a good case for hybrid mode. Switches A-D in stomp mode and switches E-H in scene mode with a wah block in one scene and a volume block in another scene. There’s a feature request thread for hybrid mode here: Hybrid Mode: Top Row = Presets/Bottom Row = Scenes

Agree, hybrid mode is core functionality, but I don’t think it will allow for what @aiacobellis is trying to do unless they address how the expression pedal(s) works within and across scenes.

I was working on trying to get a MIDI loopback technique working on the QC that allowed switching between wah and volume via footswitch instead of toe-switch. When using MIDI loopback you can do this even with an expression pedal that has no toe-switch by switching via a footswitch sending a MIDI command. When it works, the loopback trick can allow the volume block to stay on when switched to wah. The critical and differentiating benefit of this is that the volume block can retain its current value instead of being left at max, and the volume block is not changed by the pedal sweep when you are using the wah. When switched back the volume is controlled by the sweep, but not the wah.

Using the standard method - an expression pedal toe-switch to switch between wah and volume has the downside of leaving the volume at max when you switch. Couldn’t seem to get the MIDI loopback trick functioning on the QC because there seemed to be no way to get the QC to stop sweeping on both wah and volume at the same time. This technique requires that both the wah and volume blocks be on simultaneously, but control of the sweep on volume and wah blocks to be passed back and forth via footswitch. I posted a preset and the technique for setting this up at one point on the Helix forum. If anyone figures out how to pull that off on the QC, please post it up. As of firmware 1.40, I could not get it to work.

Anyway, that effort was what clued me into some of what appeared to be current limitations on switching control via the expression pedal from one block to another. That same type of limitation also appears to be impacting @aiacobellis’s effort to get auto-engage to switch back and forth between wah and whammy. I suspect this will be remedied in an upcoming firmware revision. Hope it is the next one.


It’s too bad that this doesn’t work in scene mode… :frowning: womp womp.