XLR Outs driving less volume than shown in the output section

I’m running XLR out1/2 directly into a focusrite, while also having the QC connected to my PC through USB.
When I monitor the signal arriving in the focusrite, the signal is always about 8dB lower than output levels on the QC show. When monitoring the signal through the QC USB out3/4 the level in my DAW matches the level indicator of the QC.

Has anyone else noticed a lack of volume on the XLR outs?

To put some more credence to this claim I’ve tested this with different cables and interfaces with consistent results.
I’ve selected a synth preset to get consistent volume and took a screenshot of the meters of the XLR and TRS outs in the DAW as well as photographed the ouput meters on the QC.
As you can see the XLR level is lower than shown on the QC while the TRS level matches the meter in the QC.