Output issue, I think

OK…here goes

I’ve been trying to play backing tracks from a mini PC on my board. Unfortunately, the Headphone jack on the PC sums the stereo signal (I know, right?). Problem is, I have clicks and cues panned left, and the tracks panned right…so I need them separated.

So, I figured, why not try to use the QC as an audio interface, and send them out through the QC headphone jack.

Running Ableton Live, I have the tracks panned properly in the DAW. I’m using ASIO outs 1/2 from Ableton into the QC. Everything works somewhat fine…except…the QC is also sending the tracks signal out XLR 1 as well. The headphone out is all working properly, clicks on one, tracks on the other…

The thing is, XLR one is the output for my vocals. I use 3/4 for my guitar signal in stereo.

SO, everything is working fine, except for the fact that I can’t get Ableton, or the QC to stop sending the tracks signal through main output 1…

Anyone have any ideas what I’m doing wrong, here?
Input one guitar - out to 3/4
Input 2 microphone - out to XLR1
USB input 1/2 DAW - out to headphones & XLR1
How do I stop it fron sending the USB signal to XLR1?

And yes…I spent about 4 hours attempting to fix the PC headphone issue…tried everything, the thing will always sum the stereo signal, no matter what I do.