Workaround for gaps when switching presets

Hey, I have a gig coming up soon and recently switched over to archetype rabea for all my live sounds from using an amp and pedalboard. it’s working perfectly for me other than the fact that there’s a very noticeable gap, maybe a second or so, when i change presets with a midi PC input. Has anyone figured out any kind of workaround for this or do i just need to suck it up and deal with a second of silence when switching presets?

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Hi. You have a few options. You can use MIDI to interact with pedals/FX without delay, so if the difference between patch 1 and 2 is enabling OD, a midi command to enable OD will workaround that.

If you do need to switch between patches, then you need to use something like MainStage or a DAW. This preloads all the plugins, then you use midi commands to flick between them without delay. I personally use MainStage