(Windows USB) I'm only getting DI from Quad Cortex


I have all the drivers setup for my Windows machine (restarted both QC and Windows after installation) and the QC is up-to-date. However, I’m only getting the DI from the USB signal. What do I need to do to switch this from DI to it’s preset output?

Read the fine manual:

There are multiple USB channels you get from your QC on Windows - Input 1/2 are DI, 3/4 are processed…

I’m aware, but changing the outputs doesn’t do anything. It’s always a DI. Switching to USB Output to 3/4 doesn’t have any effect. every single output for USB is a DI.

To give a little more context, I’m using a Virtual Mixer as well. Just simply adding the Line that’s coming from the QC

Just to be sure we’re not confusing things: there’s no need to switch outputs on the QC - the point is to record from different INPUTS on your PC - that’s where you need to choose the right ones.

These are the audio inputs QC provides via its ASIO driver:

Input 1 and 2 will only provide DI signal. You’ll need to select “From Out 1/2” as your audio inputs.

Note: you’ll have to use ASIO to get to the individual inputs - standard Windows audio sees only the first pair.

Ohhh makes much more sense O_o … However… where do I get this driver? I have the Neural Control Panel… Would have thought it would be the ASIO driver :frowning:


Voicemeeter will not provide the individual QC inputs via its normal input selection pulldown:
Here, it only shows the Windows WDM and MME drivers - you’ll only get the first pair of inputs there.

There is only one way for Voicemeeter to see ASIO inputs - and that’s if you use the QC as an ASIO output device for Voicemeeter. Then you can select ASIO inputs for your hardware input channels:

Now Voicemeeter can use the individual channels from the QC as inputs:


Unfortunately, this only works when you use the QC as ASIO output device - no way to get your individual inputs via ASIO and then output them e.g. to your PC speakers. That’s the way ASIO works - only one ASIO device at a time, and no mixing ASIO and Windows WDM or MME.

Hope this helps!



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Yup, you have the driver installed! But it’s not a standard Windows audio driver, but an ASIO driver - you’ll need an app that works with ASIO drivers, e.g. a DAW like Cubase or REAPER. But be aware that ASIO is an exclusive beast: only one ASIO device both for input and output, so no routing your QC output to your PC soundcard and speakers.



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Ahh much greater detail on what’s happening here! Unfortunate with the case of VoiceMeeter :frowning: . In the end, It’s quite alright (there’s always the other outputs) . Good to know with VoiceMeeter scenario. Was used to the case with the Axe FX II being it’s own kind of entity being not ASIO.

Thank you very much for this help!! I’m sure this thread will help others getting the QC as well. Have a great weekend!