Add ability to select which USB outputs are sent via the WDM driver in Windows for live streaming

When connecting to a Windows device via USB the default WDM input (to Windows) is fixed to Out 1/2 from the QC. This is the direct input signal with no processing from the grid. It would be nice to be able to select between this and Out 3/4 which is the fully processed signal. This could be selectable on the device under the USB output settings page, or from the Windows driver.

This is very useful for broadcasting software like OBS or Xsplit since the line in from the QC can be added as an additional input but these apps only see WDM by default - not ASIO. So what you get is what you get - and currently what you get is just your unprocessed inputs.

There are software workarounds to this but some are a bit clunky, or require you to be running a DAW. It would be nice to have the option NOT to require workarounds and add the QC directly into scenes to be able to live stream with it.

If nothing else - just default to the processed signal on 3/4 instead of 1/2 for the WDM output.

I second this. I am having issues running my Quad Cortex as USB output to my PC, so I was hoping this would be a good alternative. I think it’s a no-brainer that the Quad Cortex should work seamlessly for live streaming applications such as streamlabs, OBS, etc.

Yeah would really like to see this :+1::+1::+1:

Yeah, right now it’s absolutely a mess if you want to stream the QC with OBS… I’ve spent one day to just figured out how to stream the QC usign OBS, cubase, reastream.


I think this is absolutely critical. I would suggest that we focus on making routing more flexible on the quad cortex itself so we can get this in both windows and macOS.

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I second this. Being able to use QC for playing guitar but also as a general soundboard would be awesome and allow for just one audio interface rather than having multiple for doing largely the same thing.

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To follow onto this, I think 1/2 by default needs to be the wet signal. Every other piece of modeling equipment I’ve used behaves like that, and people come to the Facebook discussion pages to ask how to “fix” this multiple times every. single. day.

Ivan can you please explain how you got the QC to work in OBS? I have been trying for hours now and i keep getting a combined raw and wet signal in the video. Thanks in advance.

With the latest Windows drivers this feature request has been addressed, all of the QC ins and outs are available as WDM inputs and outputs!!

I’ll be closing out this thread, however there is one final missing feature that I think can be added which is now up here:

If you voted for this and see a need for the addition of a “what you hear” tap, please go ahead and move your vote over there! Thanks!