Will there ever be the ability to host 3rd party plug ins?

I know it maybe a stretch to ask, but it would be pretty out of hand to be able to use 3rd party delays and modulation effects. Don’t know how that would work just day dreaming.

Probably not, if only because they’d need to be ported to run on SHARC processors.

Is this a big problem? Doesn’t UAD use sharc processors? I’m just trying to understand a little more here.

Oh wait I think I just I understood my own question! Ha! The UAD are there own thing. And its all the other plug-ins that can’t run on sharc. So there needs to be some porting software created. Is that hard to do?

There are a thing called crosscompilers that can compile programs to run on different cpu architectures but they are dependent on the programming language used to create the program.

In addition to being compatible with hardware the plugin would need to be compatible with qc software architecture.

So three things would need to happen

  1. NDSP implements plugin support, such as vst, to qc
  2. plugin company crosscompiles and packages the plugin to run on sharc
  3. NDSP and plugin company work out the economics, licencing and distribution

The difficulty I can see is since these plugins weren’t built by or development controlled by NDSP, that they’d effectively need to create a patch for every manufacturer and for every “generation” of plugin. So that “this” feature in the other plugin would be controlled by “that” feature in the QC. Not impossible but also feels like a rabbit hole. I don’t deal in hardware beyond being mindful of when and where it is appropriate to take advantage of multithread capabilities but we get a lot of requests for porting the information either to or from other developers’ softwares and that would almost be a fulltime job just trying to keep up with how they changed things.

Got it. Thanks so much for enlightening me/us.