Future of Windows plugins?

While reading and listening to Quad Cortex info, I ran across one comment that got me thinking. The comment was something to the effect that NDSP was founded with the sole purpose of creating Quad Cortex (to paraphrase).

So that got me wondering if NDSP’s intent for the Windows plugins was simply to validate the capture technology, and once QC is a reality, the Windows plugs disappear.

Can someone from NDSP clarify whether Windows plugin development and maintenance will continue in the future?

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Pretty sure I read they sold like $2.5m worth of plugins last year. I imagine they are having an even better year with everything that’s happened in 2020. Absolutely no way in hell are they stopping plugin dev.

I’m a bit concerned about this too. They promised an update to the Archetype: Abasi plugin with its sub-standard noise gate many months ago, but nothing has happened. I understand that Neural will be focusing its efforts on getting their flagship product up and running, but the apparent decline in support for plugins is very frustrating. Some sort of official statement from the Neural folks regarding their plans for their existing products would be welcome.

Plugins are not going anywhere and will continue to be maintained.

Great to hear. I thought this was probably the case, but the “sole purpose” comment got me thinking (too much, lol).