Why No List of Fx?

While I’m very interested…I’m also noticing how LITTLE information is out there on this. Simple things - like a list of Fx it offers?
Does it have chorus effects? How many reverbs does it have? What about flangers?


Which…likely means it’s more batter than cake, and all they have been focusing on is amp modeling

If you can’t provide information on what it really has, then it’s likely you’re hiding something.

Churned in CBus

The effects are on this list:

They cut a few for the release, though I’m guessing they’ll be added fairly soon after.

I’m hoping for more effects to be added, for example:

  • Reverse delay and reverb
  • Stutter/hold glitch with ‘random’ triggering
  • Generally more contemporary effects as things like phasers, univibes, standard delays etc. are just so old and are pretty much just basics nowadays