Quad Cortex effect request

I’d love to see a multi-tap delay added to the effects list. 4-tap, 8-tap, 1,024-tap, the latter only there as comic relief. But seriously, a multi-tap would be really groovy!



You could build 2 rows and put a delay on each with a stereo splitter and get real weird.

I agree and honestly would like NDSP to address this. Here’s why;

This list made me want to buy the QC. Quad Cortex Virtual Device List

This list in November worried me but I ordered one anyway figuring they would add this stuff later on. Quad Cortex Factory Capture List

Then in December I really got a sad face when I saw this list update. Quad Cortex Virtual Device List (December 2020)

And as you can see, a multi tap delay was originally in this list and it went away. So were the amps and cabs I wanted originally.

Now it seems that they are selling packs for $120 USD with some IR’s.

I am concerned. Concerned I am not going to get what I thought I was going to get. I am waiting. I really dont want to spend $120 per pack to find what I originally planned to have with my $1500.00 purchase. Reply back, I really would like to know what your game plan is.

Pretty sure the game plan it to release a product that doesn’t suck and then release regular free enhancements.

See anything free so far?

In the December link NDSP also state:

You may notice that some devices from our previous update are now missing, many have been renamed, and others have been added. We encountered some performance issues with a small number of the models and decided to add them in a free update shortly after Quad Cortex launches so that we can spend more time testing and bug fixing CorOS 1.0, allowing us to release sooner.
For many of the devices that are missing, we will add several Neural Captures in their place so that you can still make signal chains using those models. The benefit to this is that as Neural Captures are less resource intensive, you can build considerably more complex Presets with them.

I think that states a sound policy! You are of course free to chose to believe if it’s just marketing hype or not.