Quad Cortex and such as HX Effects

I’ve read a few times that some people add an HX Effects to presumably an effects loop on the Quad, what are the advantages please and are there more alternatives to add to the Quads arsenal? I’m new to all this so excuse my ignorance

Some simply run their external FX units within the FX loop of the QC for more FX options etc. No specific advantage or disadvantages per say, some are just adding options if needed.

No need to apologise, no one is a master of everything!

Although the QC has a variety of effects, it lacks certain things like a reverse delay which the Helix HX Effects offers - I’m sure Neural will expand the effects available in the QC soon.

I was previously a HX Effects user who then got a QC; I currently use my HX Effects as my on-stage tuner, MIDI switcher and on-stage effects too.

If you want to learn how to use the HX Effects as a MIDI controller I put this together: Use Line 6 Helix HX effects as MIDI controller for Neural DSP Quad Cortex (SOLVED)

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