Why does it take so long to get a plugin delivered?

So, yeah…any plug you buy takes at least 24 hours (IME) before it’s added to your iLok account…with all of the technical prowess at Neural, are you still fulfilling orders by hand? And not on the weekends or after “business” hours? Love the product but that’s the pits.

Was at a session last night (USA-EST 9PM), the client wanted that “Dream Theater” sound so I bought the Petrucci…was able to use the demo (thank God) but still have not gotten the iLok add (although I see the money was debited from my account…:frowning: )

What gives?

Almost every report we’ve received for this issue it was sent to a different email address. Please double check to make sure you didn’t send it to a different email that (often times it’s from autofill).

If the email you used was correct and you still don’t see it, please contact support@neuraldsp.com and they will help you get it sorted out!

So you are still fulfilling orders by hand and not fulfilling them on the weekends/after “business” hours? Will factor that into my ordering.

All of my emails filter into one main account so we are covered there. (Still have not received it, btw)

All in all, thank you for responding.

We are not fulfilling orders by hand, we wouldn’t be able to operate at our capacity if we did. Please email support then and they will be able to assist you because it shouldn’t take long at all to get your license. Thanks!

Well, then it should be instant…I was just giving you some cover. I work at Stock X, I know about Black Friday…

Let’s take this to DM, but you will need to contact support to get this resolved, I will DM you to get your address if you already emailed in so I can follow up.