Why can't I control the expression function with my FCB1010?

I’ve been having problems assigning my FCB1010’s expression pedals via midi. The switches work, settings in the FCB have been checked on all presets numbers, the expression pedal is sending midi information on the correct CC number and midi channel (confirmed with a midi monitor), it has the corresponding CC numbers in Preset Midi Out, but why am I having trouble assigning them to parameters? What am I missing?

Seriously, NDSP, you have to simplify the midi functions. MIDI LEARN. No more “hardcoded” CCs. It needs to be as flexible as you guys made it out to be. I know it’s probably a million times easier on higher end MIDI controllers, but the FCB is such a pain in the ass to program. It’s like I’m doing a tap dance routine just to change one parameter on one preset.

Got my FCB1010/Uno-1 working as I want after some tap dancing (the editors don’t work with my MIDI interface). Sure the MIDI implementation could be improved a bit to fit even more legacy products but as for now I’d reach out to the NDSP support to help you get your Behringer product working.

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Once, just once, can I not be inundated with “reach out to NDSP!”? Because that rarely helps. If there’s nothing that can help me in the manuals, what good is contacting them? They’re just going to tell me to fuck off to the manual. I need help from someone who actually knows the solution to the problem, and NDSP rarely knows the solution for some odd reason. Absolutely useless tech support. I’ve been so patient with this fucking company and it’s starting to get really annoying. There shouldn’t be this much grief for a problem most other CHEAPER amp sims already have figured out. It’s laughable.

Hey @BigMcLargehuge ,

Sorry to hear you’re frustrated, but be more respectful towards the Neural support team. They work hard to help troubleshoot quickly and help users get their issues resolved. We encourage constructive feedback, but there was nothing constructive about your last post. This is a positive community and if you want to continue to participate, be more respectful to our staff. Consider this your first and only warning.

Regarding your issue:

Please check to see if your QC is updated with the latest firmware 1.2.1. This should solve the issue where MIDI control of expression assignments would not work correctly.

Note that CC #1 and CC #2 are reserved to each of the expression pedal inputs in the QC.
Once your expression pedals (connected to the external controller) are sending values on CC #1 and CC #2 to the QC, you should be able to assign them to any parameter(s).

If you are still experiencing issues, please email support@neuraldsp.com and as always the support team will quickly help you resolve your issue. One of our support team members uses the same controller as you and will be able to help you get it working.