Behringer FCB1010 Setup for plugins

So, I was convinced by Neural through one of their videos on YouTube to purchase a Behringer Fcb1010 for use with the Soldano. After scouring online, reading manuals, and even stumping support on a phone call with Sweetwater, I’m still stumped. I tried the midi learn function in Soldano, multiple key codes on the controller that I seen off video for setup and also, downloaded the FCB manager which explains nothing about these things way of communicating with eachother.

My rig setup is MacBook Pro>MioXC Midi to usb connector>Behringer FCB 1010. I use an older UA Apollo but that shouldn’t matter in programming this, I’m just trying to get to the basics of how to do the simple things.

Thanks in advance for anyone that knows how to do this.

Hi @Corey6794, welcome to the NDSP forum.
I personally don’t have any experience with the FCB1010 controller but know plenty of users who love it.
I believe there is a firmware upgrade (chip) needed to allow that controller to send CC messages.
Either that or it allows much easier programming for sending MIDI CC etc. Maybe search online for the FW upgrade and or inquire on a Behringer forum for specifics.

I just went through this myself. What I did was go into the FCB1010 setup and make each pedal send a Note only. No pc, no cc, just a note. So pedal 1 is C, 2 is C#, etc. Also make sure the two expression pedals are enabled for each pedal. The FCB1010 thinks of each pedal as a preset, but again we are just sending a note value when the pedal is pressed. This will allow you to use midi-learn on whatever and hit the pedal.

If you want to have the actual toggle of the pedal with the light you would need to upgrade to either the Un0 or Eureka eprom chips. Keep in mind that even if you do that the plugin does not transmit any info to the pedal. You basically have to make sure you start with everything synced so your lights don’t get off (like the pedal is on in the plugin but the light is off on your FCB1010).

Glad I saw this, I got on a waiting list for the FCB1010 controller, but if I have to go buy chip and mod it, doesn’t seem like a path I want to go down.

Is there any plug-play midi device recommended for the DSP Plugins? Trying out Petrucci now and will probably purchase, but having the ability to change presets and turn pedals on/off and use wah would be optimal.

Check out my thread on the Line 6 FBV 3. I’m happy with it but just as someone mentioned here like the FCB1010 the Line 6 pedal does not receive input messages from the plug in so the on/off effect toggle lights can be off between patches (there are a couple compromising workarounds that work for me). I was able to pick it up used for the price of a new Behringer FCB1010 and programming took 30 minutes out the box with no mods.

I don’t now if this thread is still relevant but.
I have the FCB1010 that came with an UNO chip and the original chip. I couldn’t get the UNO to work at all.
Going back to the base firmware, using the Mio USB-Midi cable. I had to download a Midi commander program, I use this one MIDIView - Free MIDI Monitor tool for Win & Mac

Once I routed the Midiview to see the Mio cable and then told my NDSP plugins to see Midiview, everything works perfectly.

I’d also recommend downloading either FCB1010 Manager or FCB1010 PC editor to make it easier to change the midi signals from the pedal, although I didn’t have to change anything to get it to work for just changing presets.