Footswitch control via the expression pedal jacks

I mostly use the QC as a desktop device
The problem this has is that I now have not footswitches…
It would be great if I could plug in a sperate footswitch (like any dual switch that you get with a regular amp)
And I’d still have the other jack free for just one expression pedal.


I’d suggest a MIDI pedal like the Behringer FCB1010. Eventurally, i’m sure this will have a more robust MIDI suite. But for now, you can do most of the basic functions. The FCB is usually only around $100 and has two expression pedals as well as 10 foot switches.

Good idea
I’ll look into that - thanks

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If you’re not familiar with MIDI, don’t be intimidated: it’s not as complicated as it seems. You CAN make things really complicated, but if you stick with basic PCs and CCs, you’re 95% there. The programming of the FCB1010 can be a little bit of a learning curve, though. I was learning that unit, the Axe Fx III, and MIDI all at the same time. Now THERE was a steep learning curve lol!

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