Issues with using FCB1010 with Neural DSP Plugins, Standalone

Hello everyone,

I own Archetype Gojira and Plini and I’m trying to control them (one at a time, standalone version) with a FCB1010 plugged into my laptop via a Roland UM1 interface. However, once I programmed the MIDI mappings for preset changes, nothing happens when I press the controls on my FCB 1010. I have a midi monitoring software (called Midiview) which shows me that the PC messages are well received by my computer.

Thank you for your help !

Hi @Antoine_M8 and welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you are having issues with your MIDI controller and the plug-ins. Most MIDI controllers are pretty much plug-n-play and you shouldn’t have any issues. I have an older Yamaha MIDI controller that was pretty much plug-n-play but with the FCB1010, you may need the custom chip sold to help with CC programming. I would email and they should be able to go over your current setup and determine why things aren’t working.

Hi @Antoine_M8,
if MidiView see proper messages sent from FCB1010 it has to work imho.

Is MIDI learn working?
Have you enabled it in “MIDI Input Devices” in Audio Settings (standalone version, no offence here).

Midi Learn isn’t working, but my interface (UM-One MkII) is selected in the settings.

What did indicate?