Who is Using QC for Performance? What Could it Do Better?

Don’t have an answer for your 2nd question, but I was at a Sonny Landreth show in New Orleans on Saturday and he used the QC.


Huge fan of Sonny Landreth, he and Derek Trucks are two of the finest slide players on the planet. Have met him before. Fantastic musician! If it’s good enough for him … Nah, still needs some improvements but that is one hell of an endorsement!

Great topic idea! I am 52 years old and have been playing in semi-professional bands since I was 16, mostly using Marshall heads and cabs for electric guitar, and an electro-acoustic into the PA for the acoustic stuff I do. I play about 100 gigs a year. I bought the QC in January 2022 primarily for live use, as I hoped it would make my life easier. (It has).

I play in four different bands, three cover bands playing mostly bars and clubs and an original band playing slightly larger venues, usually with in-house PA and monitor systems. I use the QC with different amp models for the different bands I’m in. I also use it live for my acoustic guitar. Many of my presets have electric guitar in Input 1 going to lanes 1 & 2 to Output 1, and the acoustic guitar in Input 2 going to lanes 3 & 4 to Output 2. I would love to see more acoustic IRs provided by Neural in future updates as I think this is lacking at the moment.

In a typical gig, I run Output 1 into a Laney LFR212 cab which is a full range flat response 800W, vertical 2x12 active speaker cab that looks like a piece of guitar backline. At gig volumes, I think this sounds and feels very close to the real valve amps that my brain has got used to hearing over the last 30 odd years. The other guys in the bands are also happy with my live tone. I always leave the cab volume at full so I can set the same volume for the different bands using the QC volume wheel (between 40 and 50). The Laney cab has a DI output for the sound engineer. Output 2 is my acoustic to the PA.

One thing I would really like to see is a cheap and simple MIDI foot switch board, made by Neural, which would not require any programming to work. I want to put the QC safely behind me in gigs and use a cheap, replaceable MIDI footswitch at the foot of my mic stand. This is because of the rowdy nature of some of the bars I play, where we are literally mixed right in with the crowd. There are drunk people spilling drinks everywhere and girls in high heels dancing next to me - and my expensive Quad Cortex.


I run out of rows that way unfortunately.
Currently Row 1/2 are my effects, that then goes to row 3, with the other guitarist going from input 2 directly into row 4.
Row 3 and 4 are both the same with an amp block, an effects loop block (send only, to send to onstage amps), then cab block and then out to 1/2.

If the effects send allowed sending to 3/4, I could use the effects loops for actual pedals and use 3/4 for the onstage amps. OR if the cab blocks could be bypassed just for certain outputs, I could do the same thing.

+1 for brighter bypassed blocks. Did they get darkened at some point? Seems like it didn’t used to be so bad. Maybe they can make this an adjustable parameter in the display settings?


100% live gigging …

Mostly on Scene Mode.
Also for me:
General Volume Pedal (for Expression-Pedals)
and the customizable colors on scene mode.

Other than that I’m quite happy with this little baby!

Cool threat btw!

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I’ve seen several users requesting an ‘instant’ tuner shortcut- the long-press tuner switch wasn’t optimal for them


I have two things I would like to see improved for live use;

  1. Some way of preventing you from accidentally changing presets when try to change modes; this can easily happen as to change mode you have to simultaneously press the Preset Down and the Tuner switches; IMHO it is too easy to accidentally hit the Preset Down a spilt second too early and next thing you know you’ve changed Preset not the Mode. Depending on what mode you’re in, the Preset Down button doesn’t always change the Preset without warning; for example if you are in Preset mode, pressing the down button changes Bank down, and then you have to press a second footswitch, A - H, to select the corresponding Preset in the new Bank. If you have pressed the Preset down accidentally and found you have moved to the next lowest bank, you can just hit the Tuner switch and it acts as a sort of ‘Escape’ button, and cancels the Preset change, and takes you back to whatever preset you were in before.

However in Stomp or Scene mode, pressing the down switch will take you to the next lowest preset without warning,
I would love to see a ‘safety switch’ similar to what happens if you hit the down button in Preset mode introduced, so if you hit the down button accidentally in either other mode, you get a chance to cancel the selection before it is activated.

  1. A page 2 for Hybrid Mode to allow you to have access to the full eight Scenes/Stomps etc - as once you are in Hybrid Mode, you only have access to 4 of each (eg if you have combined Stomps and Scenes A-D become Stomps and E-H are assigned to Scenes (or vice versa) which I find quite limiting

Great thread idea, thank you.

Regarding your priorities:

  • I’m heavy on sound design and synced tempo, so MIDI control of all pedals and MIDI clock is key for me

Same here. Not to hijack, but have you considered something like the Selah Quartz or SMARTClock Gen3 (or even a BeatBuddy pedal ) to send tempo and events? I’d like to have the QC do that too of course, but the Quartz can send a bunch of MIDI on ‘song change’ and supports setlists etc as well as controlling tempo via CV and more.

Can we get an option to turn off “authentic” pitch shift when tapping in tempo live? Or just remove it altogether, really. Idk anybody that would use the tap tempo to get traditional pitchy effects with delays instead of turning a time knob.

Best thing is to give us an option like some other modelers do. There are times when I am playing with a rhythmic delay and the band drifts, but I literally have to make the decision that it’s less disruptive for the delay time to be a little off than to attempt to fix it by tapping it in.


Things that would improve my live performance with the QC are:

  1. Faster boot time!
  2. Instant tuner or always visible mini tuner
  3. Feedback generator like Digitech Freqout
  4. Tremolo option to allow waveform to start on note (like the looper start does) or button press. (This would allow effects like those heard in How Soon Is Now? and What’s The Frequency Kenneth? to be performed properly. Why are both of those song titles questions?)
  5. Looper can save loops for later recall rather than immediate playback
  6. Custom colours in gig view
  7. Brighter bypassed icons/user adjustable brightness
  8. Momentary switching
  9. Eliminate hum on outputs 1 & 2 when QC is powered off

I echo what you said about MIDI - I’m using a Line 6 Helix HX Effects as my midi switcher and it’s still a bit limited in some senses and it’s taken about 3 days to figure it out as both QC and Line 6’s manual are not the clearest when it comes to it!

My QC is going to sit firmly on-top of my amp cab; no way in hell I’m letting it be near anyone with liquids!

+1 for the ability to send multiple midi commands from a footswitch. Basically the same functionality as on preset load, then you can create scenes that integrate all the rest of your pedals without having to tote around another set of switches on your board. If there’s an issue to upvote, point me to it :slight_smile:

Tell your other guitarist to get their own damn QC. :rofl:


What model pedalboard are you using? I like the hinged double layer.

There is that :wink:

He can’t afford one currently though. Plus the setup works really well: one QC into one Powerstage 700 into two cabs.

100% Live playing. I am a Tribute Band Guy ( Boston, Doobie Brothers, Stevie Nicks, Bon Jovi, Beatles…etc) and need to cover a lot of sonic territory and keep the weight down when touring. Here’s my short list when using the QC live in order of urgency:

Universal Volume
Quicker responding tuner, maybe one button stomp activation.
More flexible hybrid mode (e.g. 3 scenes, 5 stomps or 6 scenes with 2 stomps)
Brighter screen with more color options
INSERT songs into play lists, not swap. A more robust functionality than the current

If I somehow missed the memo on how to take care of these issues within the unit please share and I would be grateful. Some in the community wrote I should utilize midi options and many of you use midi to take care of one or more issues. My take is for an investment of 2K one should not have to learn midi ( I know ZERO about midi Lol…) buy or carry more equipment believing strongly the Items I have outlined IMHO should function within the unit.

In general I really love the unit. My previous unit was the Line6 X3LIVE which was using technology over 15 years old but then I’m a creature of habit and I was able to make that thing do backflips! I love the sound and ease of creating my sounds in the QC and understand the company has been focusing on ironing out the software glitches but now it’s time for them to focus on us live players who are using promoting their product on the front lines. Thanks for this thread as I see we seem to be a separate community of our own. :slight_smile:


@Muzicman you’re right about the setlist, insert is actually what I would need.
I was thinking about swap, but actually insert would be the most convenient.

I did not find a feature request, so I will open one.

Thanks, I figured I wasn’t the only one… :slight_smile:

Hi. I use only one guitar and only the QC as my sole amp/cab/effects unit for my live show 4, 5 times a week.
I send the XLR outs to FOH. I hear myself through in ear monitors. The QC has a terrible high mid in it’s basic sound output and i need to use drastic EQ curves to get it to sound anything like an amp both FOH and in the earphones.

  1. The new global EQ on update 2.0 should be able to be switched off or on per preset.
  2. They should produce EQ templates for cab simulation to FOH.
  3. They should also produce EQ templates for humbucker to single EQ.
    Thank you!
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