Let’s see those QC Rigs!

Hello all!

Excited to get my QC. While I wait I have been researching which pedals I might want to keep and how to arrange things on a board and would love to see pictures of what others are doing!

Please upload a photo if you would like of your rig. I have seen a few on here especially regarding power supplies which I’ve found super helpful. I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can see what is working for others!

Thanks in advance!

I guess I’ll put myself out there to get started.

Here’s what I’m thinking so far.

MC6 to MIDI control the QC (works well with the stomp)
Keep the stomp to fill in some gaps in the QC (that hopefully will be temporary)
Volante is a new one for me just to mess around with until the WQC comes.

Let me know what you think?

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Nice setup. Looks like you have a big lonely spot for the QC to fill.

My “rig” would just be a photo of the QC at this point, haha.

Hah, well that’s really good to hear that the QC is meeting your needs and doing everything you want. That’s music to my ears!!

Nice! Thanks for sharing! It looks like you might have your board on the floor and the QC on a stand so its easier to reach?

Also, are those pedals running in front of the QC or in the Effects loop(s)?

Here’s my rig and the QC simply blows me away. This ‘control center’ is so flexible. I do 4-6 hour sets regularly. This is on my DJ cart and I stand to use it.

For a band livestream, Shure Wireless and Boss VE-500 for talk box sounds and some vocal effects!