Noisy on higher gain settings - Not the usual hum or hiss

Hi all. First time poster. I have two plugins that I just plan on using in standalone mode, for noodling around when on the road. I expect some noise with higher gain settings but what I am getting here (with both plugins - Abasi and Soldano) is not something I have heard before - a kind of fluttering distortion. The noise is there whether the guitar is plugged into the interface or not and irrespective of whether the guitar is being played, or not. Tried changing guitar cables and guitars. The sound remains although the level drops when no guitar cable is plugged into my interface, a Roland Quad-Capture. The interface seems to be working otherwise - with good quality sound from range of audio players and YouTube. The following link contains a recording of the noise on a higher gain preset, about half way through I switch to a clean preset and then back again to another higher gain preset. The interface is recording guitar cleanly without the plugin open. Appreciate your advice. Cheers. Allan!Ajkfvd4XPdI2jdxO-o9v_PXiRYr6ZA?e=5BfJmh

This is solved. Ended up being something wrong with the interface driver installation. Once I reinstalled a second time the fault was resolved. The plugins are as quiet as a crypt, unless of course they are stripping the walls of paint after a good dose of high output guitar! :smiley: